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International Primary Program Parents Visit Building A


Parents from our International Primary Program came to visit us today.  During this time, the parents were able to meet with President Wang for a time of questions and answers, then we all joined together to tour the building.  The parents enjoyed having the opportunity to take a look inside the newly renovated building A.  As we walked through the building, parents asked questions and expressed concerns.  At the end of our meeting time, parents felt satisfied about the move into the building. Parents requested several things from the school which we are happy to accommodate for them.  The things are: 

  • Add many plants.  添置更多绿植:
  • Parents, please send plants for your child’s classroom!  The school will add many plants in the hallways and other areas.
  • 家长请为孩子准备好往教室摆放的绿植。学校也将在走廊及其它区域添置更多绿植。
  • In July, have another air quality check.  7月进行第三次空气检测:
  • The school will have a third air quality inspection in July.  The 3rd  party  air quality checking company will be recommended by parent ambassadors and school.
  • 校方和家委会将在7月共同推荐一家第三方空气检测公司并进行第三次跟踪检测。
  • Show photos to parents of the air filter system components. 将我校新风系统的照片展示给家长们。
  • The school will add a sandpaper tape to stop slippery surfaces.
  • 我们会加铺防滑设施。
  • Do not allow students to use the third floor staircase with marble at the bottom.
  • 不让学生使用通往三楼的大理石基疏散楼梯。
  • Clean the air.  空气净化
  • We’re confident to the air quality. In order to let parents have zero concern, the school has contacted a company to come and clean the air. 
  • 我校对教学楼里的空气质量很自信。但为了让家长更放心,已经联系相关公司作进一步空气优化。
    Thank you, parents, for your time, suggestions, and cooperation!  We appreciate you!